Payment Support

Payment Types

Shrex Learning supports multiple payment gateways.

In India:

via RazorPay – Pay using Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, Net Banking and Leading Wallets.

via Stripe – Pay using Credit/Debit Cards

Outside India:

via RazorPay – Pay using Credit Cards

via Stripe – Pay using Credit/Debit Cards or Apple Pay (Subject to Locations)


Reasons for Declined Payment

Common Reasons For Failed Payments:

Incorrectly entered information: please ensure you enter the first and last name of the card account holder, exactly as it appears on the card, and that you enter it in the Name on Card field. For example, if the card account holder’s name reads John R. Doe, then John R. Doe must be entered.

Incorrect CVC code: please ensure you’re only entering numbers and that the code is correct, as listed on the back of the card.

Incorrect postal code or code is not applicable: if your payment failure states it is due to a zip code or postal code error, please contact your bank to ensure they have the right one on file. If zip codes aren’t applicable in your country, however, and you still see a zip code field, please try entering all zeros (00000).

Outdated saved payment method: if you’re encountering issues while trying to purchase with a saved payment method, try deleting it and re-adding it to ensure the details are correct and up to date. You can also add a new card.

Using a debit card not authorized for international purchases: Shrex Learning is based in India, and debit cards in many countries do not allow foreign transactions. If you do not see a local payment option when checking out on Shrex Learning, call your bank to ensure your card is authorized for international purchases. Please note that Shrex Learning is not able to remove these restrictions.

Issuing country for the card is different from country of residence: if the issuing country for your card is different from your country of residence, your card might not be approved. Try another payment method we offer, or contact your bank.

Attempting payments while using a VPN : multiple IP addresses can result in authorization problems and failed transactions. We advise that you refrain from using a virtual private network (VPN) while making a purchase on Shrex Learning.

Too many payment attempts have been made in the last 24 hours: some cards have usage limitations, and will automatically block payment attempts after a certain threshold has been reached. Try contacting your bank or using a different payment method.

Using a Rocketmail email address for your account: payment attempts from Shrex Learning accounts with Rocketmail addresses will not be accepted by our system. Please try changing your email address to a non-Rocketmail domain.

Browser isn’t working correctly due to caching issues: if you’re seeing a notification your card number looks invalid or icons aren’t showing up, there may be a caching issue. Please clear your browser’s cache and try again.

UPI/Net Working Not Working: You either don’t have net banking or UPI enabled or there is like an authentication issue. Contact your bank for more on this.

Still Stuck? Your Bank Should Have More Information.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]