Scaling People Operations

People Operations

Don’t Manage but EMPOWER!

With the ever-growing inherently aware generation of fresh recruits joining companies, this statement holds true today more than ever. However, despite growing awareness and conscientiousness in the workforce the HR policies that were designed in the 1940s are still applicable. How is the workforce supposed to create the future when they are chained to the past?

The answer to all modern organizational problems is People Operations.

What Will You Learn?

  • Role of People Ops
  • Organizational Approaches
  • Talent Strategies
  • Digital People Ops
  • Strategic People Partnerships

Leaders in an organization must decide when to bring on an HR leader or a People Ops expert in the company. Understanding the scope of each role provides a clear standard of what to expect when hired. There is no right role to hire first or last, it depends on the need and stage of every business. However, there are few good People Ops experts in the world. Due to the newness and lack of information, not many trained professionals exist in the industry. The field was popularized by Google and adapted various multinational corporations. If you are a leader, a startup founder, a growth stage entrepreneur HR leader, or a budding HR professional, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

With the growing demand for experienced and skilled People Operations Managers, this course is your gateway to getting started.

What Will You Learn To Do?

  • Understand the Role of People Ops
  • How To Approach People In An Organization
  • Strategize Your Firm’s Talent
  • Managing People Digitally & Leading Digital Transformation
  • Having Strategic Partnerships inside Your Firm
  • Get Through Hiring with Ease and much more…

BONUS: Recruitment Plan Template

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Introduction to People Operations
25 Mins

Getting Started with People Ops

Role of People Ops
50 Mins

Understand the primary responsibilities and roles of People Ops

Organizational Approaches
40 Mins

Understanding the organizational approaches in People Operations.

Talent Strategies
60 Mins

Strategizing to extract and deliver the best value out of the talent present in your firm.

Digital People Ops
40 Mins

Taking Your People Operations to a new Digital Environment

Strategic People Partnerships
40 Mins

Building Strategic Partnerships withing the Organization for Better People Operations.

25 Mins

Putting it all together!

Final Assessment

Final Assessment: Scaling People Operations
14 questions

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Scaling People Operations