Reiki is a healing technique that not only helps our physical, emotional & mental health but also helps us align ourselves with the universe and helps us manifest our true goals faster and be in a very blissful state at the same time. It’s a practice that’s only limited by our own imagination!

What will you learn?

1.Introduction to the new possibilities with Reiki level 2
2. The sacred reiki symbols
3. Distant healings or absent healing
4. Surrogate method
5. Sending reiki to past, future, places, situations, world events, disasters, people, yourself
6. One on one video call distant reiki level 2 Attunement

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as Energy Healing.
The Word ‘Reiki ‘ comes from Japanese origin. ‘Rei’ meaning Universal and ‘ki’ meaning Life force energy. Reiki is a healing modality that targets the energy field around the body. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks cause illnesses.
Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to introduction to the new possibilities with reiki level 2 acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of energy around the body. It enables relaxation, reduces pain and other symptoms of illness & speeds healing.
Reiki aids relaxation that assists in the body’s natural healing process and develops and improves emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.

Reiki has been used to help treat conditions such as Cancers, Heart diseases, Anxiety, Depression,  Chronic pain, Infertility,  Neurodegenerative disorders,  Autism, Fatigue Syndromes,   and many other conditions as well.

How does it help?

Reiki is a practice that has limitless benefits for our mind, body, and psyche,


  1. It helps us discover Inner peace
  2. It clears Negative Emotions
  3. It builds Resilience to Stress
  4. Helps release Addictions and Bad habits
  5. It relaxes us and helps us experience stillness


  1. It helps in balancing Heart rate, Blood pressure, and Salivary cortisol
  2. It helps manage pain
  3. Eases Muscle tension
  4. Clears toxins
  5. Help get better sleep


  1. Helps us connect with our Intuition,
  2. Helps us listen to our Soul’s calling
  3. Helps experience Oneness
  4. Helps discover our Faith
  5. Helps us live with Good intention and Mindfulness
  6. Helps to be Aware of self.

NOTE: A one on one Attunement will be done with Reiki Grand Master, Vaeshnavy Joshi, the timing for the same would be between 7 am-5 pm! Reiki without Attunement is never complete.

A keen and passionate learner would definitely join in to explore oneself and peace!!

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Introduction To the New Possibilities With Reiki Level 2
7 Mins
The Sacred Reiki Symbols
21 Mins
Distant Healings Or Absent Healing
7 Mins
Surrogate Method
12 Mins
Sending Reiki To Past, Future, Places, Situations, World Events, Disasters, People, Yourself
16 Mins
Course Material
Reiki Attunement Details
60 Mins

Final Assessment: Reiki Level 2

Final Assessment: Reiki Level 2
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