Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

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Ever wondered what separates the success and failure amongst competitors? We’ll tell you.

It’s great Marketing Strategies!

All big brands have super-dedicated marketing departments that create game-changing marketing strategies for their respective brands. Every great marketing strategy is a result of days and hours of work put into research, planning, and execution. What is it all about?

Telling Great Stories. YOUR Story!

We bring to you a course curated for Entrepreneurs to create winning marketing strategies.

What will you Learn?

  • Elements of a Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Planning Your Marketing
  • Strategy Deployment & Monitoring
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Lean Holistic Strategy & More…

BONUS: Lean Holistic Strategy Framework for your Company

This course is made to help you get started on your marketing efforts. Whether you are on an MVP stage trying to figure out a product-market fit, an established company looking to gain an extra edge, or a clueless newbie, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

How will this help?

This course is a one-stop solution to creating ground-breaking marketing strategies. In this course you will:

  1. Understand what constitutes a marketing strategy
  2. How to prepare yourself before making a strategy
  3. How to effectively plan your marketing strategy
  4. Execute a marketing strategy start to end.
  5. Put it all together in a lean holistic strategy and much more…

Great, right? Now, why should you listen to us?

About the Instructor

Shrex Design, a unit of the Shrex Group, started in 2016 when we felt India was deprived of good design and independent creative houses. Shrex Design was built on the founding principles of revolutionizing how consumers experience products and services. With our extreme proximity to truth, we are the ones who dare to break the glass walls and take the plunge into revolution. That is why we are innovatively honest and bold. Our job is not making the next best looking website but an incredible experience. While we can tell a lot about ourselves, we prefer our work to do the talking.

Our quest to create newfangled experiences is facilitated by our artistic prowess. Simply put, we use the power of art to entirely revolutionize how people experience life. Our approach has always worked for us and our clients have garnered results that were beyond reproach.


Ok, enough about us now. Are you going to take your company to the next level or not? ENROL NOW!



Introduction to Marketing Strategies
20 Mins

Getting started with Marketing Strategies

Elements of a Marketing Strategy
40 Mins

Understanding what constitutes marketing strategies

Phase 1: Research
45 Mins

Researching before Planning

Phase 2: Planning
40 Mins

Planning Your Marketing Campaign

Phase 3: Deployment & Monitoring
40 Mins

Putting your marketing ideas to life

Phase 4: Analysis & Reporting
40 Mins

Measuring your marketing success.

Lean Holistic Strategy
30 Mins

Making Your Strategy Easy to Implement

Conclusion & BONUS!
30 Mins

Putting everything together and the BONUS!

Final Assessment

Final Assessment: Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
15 questions

Testing all that you've learned...

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Duration: 8-10 Hours
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Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs