Blockchain Simplified



That’s what a Blockchain look likes. Is that it? Oh, come on! You seriously didn’t think we’d leave you at just this. We made an entire course on the topic and we highly recommend you take this up.

Why Should You Learn Blockchain?

  • Blockchain is cutting-edge technology at the forefront of a technological revolution.
  • It will soon be applied in every industry of the world. Whether or not you like it, you will be affected by it.
  • It sets a new era for Data, Digital Security, and Money.
  • High Demand for Job and Industry Application
  • Universal technology.

Awesome, right? While you may want to learn, there are thousands of courses and videos out there but there is something special about this course.

Why this course?

  • This course is deliberately curated in a conversational style. It does not use mathematical or computer science jargon in order to avoid any hurdle for nontechnical readers.
  • This course deliberately does not use any mathematical notation or formulas in order to avoid any unnecessary complexity or hurdle for nontechnical readers despite the fact major elements of the blockchain such as cryptography and algorithms are based on complex mathematical concepts.
  • It covers the fundamentals of software engineering, explains the terminology, points out the reason why the blockchain is needed and explains the individual concepts that make up the blockchain as well as their interactions.
  • It is filled with Metaphors and Analogies and

What will you achieve with this course?

  • Lay the foundation for Blockchain
  • Explain the Key Terms and Technologies
  • Understand How Blockchain Works
  • Learn How To Use Blockchain and
  • Study the Future of the Technology.

We cannot make it more simplified for you. If you are looking to grow at your job, create more income, be at the forefront of a revolution, or just wanting to get started with blockchain then this course is for you.

Don’t miss a chance to upgrade yourself for the future.


Introduction to Blockchain
20 Mins
Terminology and Technical Foundations
45 Mins
The Need for Blockchain
43 Mins
How Blockchain Works: Part 1
50 Mins
How Blockchain Works: Part 2
50 Mins
How Blockchain Works: Part 3
60 Mins
Overcoming Blockchain Limitations
40 Mins
Using Blockchain
40 Mins
The Future of Blockchain
20 Mins

Final Assessment

Final Assessment: Blockchain Simplified
16 questions

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Blockchain Simplified