Art in Advertising


The ultimate goal of advertising art is to persuade consumers and/ or convey a message. With this in mind, advertising art is a form of visual rhetoric. Visual rhetoric refers to the framework by which visual images are used to communicate a message, idea, or point of view. Art and Advertising are both mediums of expressions however have you wondered what happens when you bring in the art for advertisements of commercial business?. This course will make you realize that art and advertisement draw from each other in ways we may not always realize. You will also learn more about consumerism and how luxury brands like Balenciaga and Chanel are using art to change their branding and products.

By the end of this course you will learn:

  1. Introduction to Art-Advertising
  2. Role of art in consumerism
  3. Various art forms that can change your creative methodology of thinking
  4. Creating works of art to express, explore, and question identity
  5. Using everyday objects to challenge assumptions about what constitutes a work of art and how it should be made.
  6. Responding to the social, cultural issues through works of art.

Let’s paint some ads!


Understanding Advertising Art
30 Mins
Vintage Art
30 Mins
Usage of Art in Advertising
30 Mins
Techniques & Forms of Advertising Art
30 Mins
Art in Luxury Brands
30 Mins


Final Assessment: Art in Advertising
5 questions

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Art in Advertising
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