AI in Marketing

AI in Marketing

Is AI truly Everywhere? NO!

Will it be? Most Likely!

We consume content, visit the internet, text our friends, order food, entertain ourselves, and do so much daily in digital lives. Almost 90% of our digital life is influenced by AI directly or indirectly and we are just getting started.

Behind every movie recommendation you see, every restaurant you discover, every advertisement you see, there is an AI working and a marketer staring at the screen to analyze your behavior.

Thousands of terabytes of data is processed every second to provide you the ultimate experience you deserve. In this course, we cover what lies at the core of it all and how is AI affecting the marketing world.

You Learn:

  • How AI is at the core of Modern Marketing
  • Predicting Sales using AI
  • Use case of Consumer Insights as a byproduct of AI in Marketing
  • How AI in Marketing serves ads for you on a daily basis
  • Chatbots, Speech Recognition, Content Generation
  • and more…


About the Instructor:

Shrex Design, a unit of Shrex Group, is a global experience innovation firm curating newfangled marketing, advertising and design experiences. We use art as one of the most powerful tools to get our word across. Our greatness stems from our ability to use our artistic prowess in communications.



Learn how Shrex Design leverages AI in Marketing, Advertising and Design with its privately designed marketing engine – SENSEi.


Introduction to AI in Marketing
20 Mins
Sales Forecasting
40 Mins
Consumer Insights
50 Mins
Programmatic Ad Targeting
50 Mins
Chatbots & Speech
65 Mins
New Age Content Generation
40 Mins
Case Study: SENSEi
40 Mins

Final Assessment

Final Assessment: AI in Marketing
13 questions
No, you need not have a foundation in AI. However, some background always helps!
Do you really think a marketing agency would bore you? We have curated the course to keep your interest levels at peak without drowning you in technicalities. If you want to learn more about AI then check out other courses on Shrex Learning. They're all for you!

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Duration: 10-15 Hours
Lectures: 7
Level: Intermediate
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AI in Marketing